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GM Gets Its Act Together

In a series of highly publicized changes, GM has redrawn its marketing plan over the past couple of weeks.

Changes include pulling their $10 million Facebook advertising budget, announcing that they would not be advertising during Super Bowl and, a few months ago, dumping a number of its ad agencies.

By simplifying their relationships with ad agencies, from seventy different agencies to one, GM expects to save about $2 million between 2012 and 2017.

This morning GM announced that it would be funneling part of its ad savings into a partnership with Manchester United Soccer Club. GM will now be the official automotive sponsor of the team.

As GM seeks to place more emphasis on international markets, especially China and Brazil, the move makes a lot of sense. Soccer (or Football) boasts over 3.5 billion fans worldwide — a demographic that crushes the NFL’s estimated 400 million fans, most of whom reside in the US.

2013 Chevrolet Camaro

After being very impressed by a number of GM’s new products at the 2012 Vancouver International Auto show, I am glad to see that perhaps the new face of GM will boast more than great cars. 

Fiscal responsibility and smart strategic planning are more important to GM’s future than any flashy new car; although, with the current changes in marketing, it looks like GM is working towards a fully-loaded package.